It’s easy to have faith when everything is going well – when bills are paid, you’re gainfully employed, and your health and relationships are good. But what about when any or all of that is in question? That’s typically when the “what-ifs” put our faith to the test.

However, true faith is about letting God take the wheel rather than spinning in our attempts to control or over-correct. It’s about trusting God when it isn’t easy, when we are facing the unknown and have the option of choosing faith or fear.

Faith Is The Opposite Of Fear

In times where our financial status, employment, relationships, health, etc. are in question, we tend to go into a state of fear. That is the opposite of faith. And, in fact, where faith is of the light, fear is of the darkness. In other words, fear not only threatens our serenity. It seeks to destroy our faith.

When we choose faith in the face of fear and decide to trust God, we are victorious over darkness. We are walking in true faith.

Faith Is Taking The Leap Into The Unknown

The unknown in any situation is typically what sparks our fears. We get caught up in the “what-ifs” and spin out of control. The latter presents as stress, anxiety and even panic attacks and causes us to stay in unhealthy relationships, unsatisfying or dysfunctional jobs and other oppressive situations.

In other words, when we refuse to move forward due to fear of the unknown, we are choosing an act of self-sabotage. Moreover, we are employing the opposite of faith.

Faith is about joyfully and courageously taking the leap into the unknown and trusting that God will either catch us or assist us in flight, moving us forward where we need to be.

Faith Is In The Storm

Faith comes in the storm, not in the calm of life.

We all have a strong sense of faith when our blessings are laid comfortably and conveniently out before us. When we are in the midst of a storm, we must look past the raging seas and threatening winds to see all that we have to be grateful for. It is during the storm that we must stare into the terror of it and smile, knowing that there is a Divine reason.

True faith is trusting that God has a plan and purpose for the storm, that there is a reason we are experiencing it, regardless of the outcome. More to the point, it is trusting the storm itself to be a mighty and fierce teacher and trusting ourselves to be competent students.

If you’re in the midst of a storm, facing the unknown or standing at a fork in the road choosing between a path of fear or faith, choose the latter every time. After all, of the two, it’s the only thing that’s real; fear is the illusion.

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