With all of the tragedies in today’s news, it’s really hard to see the light amidst it all. The sense of loss, fear and anxiety can feel overwhelming at times. So, how do you persist when times are especially turbulent, either in your life or in the world around you?

Not Giving Up

God tells us in His Word that He is fighting for us, that He is for us and that He will never forsake us. Even so, giving up can feel like an easy way out of a tough situation. Our emotions have been through a whirlwind and our hearts have been shattered, so giving up almost seems like a reasonable option. But what is it like to not give up?

To not give up is to simply wake up again, thank God for a new day and renew your mind with the promises of the Father. Remember that He is for you, He will fight for you, He loves you and, despite the circumstances that seem dire, He cares for you more than any earthly being ever could.

Born To Be Fighters

As Christians, giving up is one way for us to lose our faith. When you give up, you begin to rely on yourself versus the truths and promises of God over our lives. It’s not something God ever intended for us to do when it comes to getting through a hard trial or circumstance. We were born to be fighters, and fighters we will be.

Sing amidst your pain and worship to the Father. Pray on your knees when you feel tired or worn down. Do the very things that glorify the Father the most, even though you may feel pain and sorrow. God is most glorified not when all things are happy and pretty as sunflowers, but when things are still praising and trusting in Him even when a hurricane rushes in. It’s an inner act of trust that we don’t give up when times are hard; it’s our faith running wild and running free in Him. That’s when our faith becomes most alive and when we trust in the Father most fully.

“Therefore, my brothers, whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm thus in the Lord, my beloved.” —Philippians 4:1

Allow yourself to grow under pressure, allow yourself to become stronger, and to build the endurance you’ll need for any storm that comes your way. God restores the broken pieces of your battered soul so that you may become so whole and holy in Him, that you begin not to fear a single thing.

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