Celebrated on the third Saturday of October, Sweetest Day is a treat of a holiday for those looking to indulge their loved ones with confectionery delights. But it can also be a day of opportunity for communicating an interest in someone that you are newly “sweet” on. Some people don’t even realize that this is a holiday, but it’s like a cousin to Valentine’s Day – without the pressure of having to prematurely declare your love for someone.

Even if you’ve never heard of the holiday before, take advantage of this special day to take a step toward someone you’re interested in. Think of it as the perfect opportunity to show your interest in them in a creative way. Here are some ideas for making this Sweetest Day extra-special with someone you’ve recently started seeing.

1. A Sweet Handwritten Note

In a day of emails, texting and instant messaging, an old-fashioned, lovingly written note is still a romantic gesture that will stand the test of time. You may even want to have it hand-delivered to their house, by you or your own designated courier (that’s what friends are for!).

Just share your interest in her in your own words (stay away from deep, passionate proclamations of love at this point) and in your own handwriting. Add a little box of chocolates and your sweet note will really touch her heart.

2. A Frosted Cupcake With A Surprise Filling

You don’t have to be a master baker to make this “cupcake with a message.” A package of vanilla or strawberry cake mix, a can of vanilla frosting, a chocolate heart and a knife for spreading will be all you need. After you bake the cupcakes according to the directions and let them cool, you’ll cut out a little circle in the center of your chosen cupcake. Place the chocolate heart in the center of the cupcake and wedge the piece of cupcake back in the hole. Frost the cupcake and you’re ready to bring your sweet treat to that person you’ve been wanting to get to know. When he finds the surprise heart inside the cupcake, he’ll find out that your heart is open to him as well.

3. A Basket Of Sweet Pastries

If you’ve already expressed interest in someone and it’s clear that your feelings for them are being returned, this could be the next step for you. Nothing shows the authenticity of your feelings more than when they’re visible for others to see as well. Order a basket of pastries and muffins and have then sent to your sweetheart’s office. Have them enclose an encouraging note from you.

Sometimes, it takes a holiday such as Sweetest Day to activate our imagination and willingness to show our feelings for someone. This Sweetest Day, take a step towards the one you’re sweet on and show them you care.

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