The leaves will soon be crackling under our boots as we take a walk in autumn’s splendor, my most favorite season of the year. Many people look at spring as a time of new beginnings, but actually fall is a time of new beginnings too. As many people go back to work from vacation or back to college, there’s a feeling of anticipation in the air. This is a great time to have a great date … maybe even your first date with that person you’ve been noticing.

If you’ve been nervous about asking someone out on a date, now is the time to step out on those crunchy leaves, hand in hand, with someone special. Try these fall date ideas to win over that special someone.

1. Something Old, Something New

Who doesn’t love an antiques show or flea market where you can browse through vintage trinkets and discover something new to love? If your initial conversations with your date revealed her interest in history, antiques, collectibles or treasure hunts, then a Saturday spent roaming around a flea market makes for a perfect fall date. Bring a large tote to help carry your date’s new-found treasures, and win her heart as you take her hand.

2. Some Bunny To Love

If you know your date is a pet lover, surprise her with an unexpected visit to your local animal shelter or animal rescue adoption clinic. Dogs and cats need love and attention as they are waiting for adoption, and you two just might be able to brighten a dog’s day. If you check ahead of time, you can find out if walking dogs or assisting in feeding animals is something you two can help out with. Just be careful you don’t fall in love with a pet there and make a hasty decision to bring it home!

3. Climb Every Mountain

Hiking in the fall crisp air with scenic vistas all about you certainly doesn’t hurt a budding romance. Pink-cheeked from exertion, you’ll feel invigorated during and after your climb. This activity provides the opportunity to assist each other, exercise together and get a gorgeous view of what you see below. But be practical and considerate; if it’s your first date, she might not want to be alone with a “stranger.” If that’s the case, suggest you invite some friends or hike a well-travelled trail with plenty of other hikers around. Pack lots of water and healthy snacks and show that you have her comfort and safety in mind.

4. It’s Chili Out

Nothing is more fun and entertaining than to cook together for the first time with someone you are just getting to know. Crockpot recipes are the best to attempt because after you’ve done all the chopping and prep work, you can snuggle up on a blanket outside and talk while your dinner is slowly cooking. Chili is a fall favorite for many people, and it’s easy to make. It also allows you each to express your personality with how spicy and flavorful you like your chili. Don’t forget to bake something sweet for the dessert!

5. It Started With An Apple

Everyone loves the idea of going apple picking and maybe even getting transported to the orchard on a hay-strewn wagon. Apple picking is fun, and baking with them later that day is even better (and tastier). But what if you took this opportunity to discuss the Garden of Eden, that setting of bliss and temptation, and began an honest talk about how you each handle temptation in life? The conversation will get real, but so will the possibilities of a relationship if you’re both on the same page of how to avoid temptation and stay in the garden of God’s blessings.

It’s always a good time of year to go on a date. But fall provides the added benefit of crisp, cool air and cozy sweaters to snuggle in. We’re between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. You may also be kind of suspended between sadness of over being single still and hope that you won’t be single for long. It’s that perfect time of the year to go on a special autumn date and anticipate that there will be many more dates to come.

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