Many people truly fear the idea of being single again. It’s something most will do anything to avoid.

Of course, there are those who would say that they enjoy and welcome the single life. However, these individuals are typically involved in some form of coupling, even if it is merely casual dating. But very few individuals embrace the idea of being truly single, meaning that they have no significant other or dates of any kind.

This reality is based on the fact that most people are afraid to be alone. However, there is one way to never experience being alone or the fear of it ever again.

Be Your Own Best Life Partner

If you truly want to avoid ever being alone or fearing the experience of it, simply be your own best life partner. It may sound silly, but just as survivors of childhood abuse must become their own best parent to avoid continuing the cycle, everyone must become their own best life partner to avoid staying with the worst ones.

Fear of being alone keeps people from moving on from relationships that no longer grow them or possibly even oppress or destroy them. Often, when individuals get the courage to leave, the experience of being alone sends them either running back or quickly into something else likely familiar and therefore equally as dysfunctional.

Becoming your own best life partner is a process that seeks to prevent you from ever fearing the experience of being alone. In fact, it stands to have you embracing the idea of it and looking forward to sitting with yourself, not only alone but in complete silence. The latter allows all the feelings and thoughts to surface and brings true emotionally intimacy with the self, which is no different than that desired in a romantic partner.

But, it’s not that easy.

Commit To Yourself

The decision to be your own best life partner may be a simple one, but the process takes work. And, like with any other life partner, it requires a full commitment.

Becoming your own best life partner means taking a vow to love and obey yourself, honor your needs, respect and cherish yourself in sickness and in health and love you, unconditionally. Depending on the unresolved issues that exist, the childhood traumas experienced and family of origin, counseling and/or life coaching may be required to assist in this commitment.

No matter the degree of healing needed, personal growth and spiritual evolution are also key. For that reason, multiple methods of holistic self-improvement are needed to assure you are nurturing, respecting, honoring and cherishing yourself and the relationship with you. As such, the journey to becoming your own best life partner requires a full investment in healing and loving the self.

Once this is achieved or this path is being pursued, you’ll never truly be single again, because you’ll always have you. You will never fear being alone, because you will cherish the opportunity to be with you – the person who you are guaranteed to have for the rest of your life.

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