Far too many people have rigid boundaries or standards when it comes to dating. This is not only outdated, it’s is something Jesus Christ never intended for us to experience.

Living and loving with strict conditions – especially superficial ones – doesn’t align with what Christ wants for us at all. In fact, these limitations are based in fear. As such, this “lovestyle” limits your options and experiences, as well as opportunities for growth and spiritual evolution.

Therefore, if you want to live and love like Christ, offering and receiving true love, it’s important to keep an open mind and heart and keep your dating experience diverse.

Free Your Mind

Like the 1990s En Vogue song says, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow. Be colorblind. Don’t be so shallow.” Of course, color doesn’t always apply to race. Though all races should be included in your dating options, “colorful” can also apply to an individual’s personality, appearance, background, education, career prospects, etc.

Regardless of the categories or hesitations, it’s important to release the narrow-mindedness which results from and aligns with fear. And, remember, love is of the light. Fear is of the darkness. Jesus had no prejudices, and neither should you.

After all, keeping yourself free for the possibilities of dating people from all walks of life is key to expanding your horizons and breaking free of any self-inflicted limitations. This allows for a more colorful dating experience and a well-rounded life.

Follow Your Heart By Setting It Free

A walled-off or closed heart may know no pain, but it knows no love, either. It’s important to open your heart to all possibilities so you can experience varying degrees and differing expressions of love.

Additionally, limiting your heart’s freedom limits your abilities to have and pursue dreams, all of which God has designed and placed you here to achieve. More importantly, the heart is where God resides. And, as such, imprisoning your heart is like locking away God’s love rather than setting it free and being a vessel for his love to flow freely to others.

Welcome New Experiences

Speaking of God, living in and embracing diversity allows us opportunities to be accurately mirrored – God’s way of speaking to us through others and giving us the chance to see ourselves clearly, heal and grow. In order to face and release our fears, we must welcome diversity in the world around us and the one within us: our hearts and souls.

Keeping your dating experience diverse also offers romantic possibilities you may have never known or considered. New cultural experiences, travel opportunities and various forms of love and longing are just a few of the potential discoveries awaiting your heart.

All you have to do is believe in love, know that it knows no boundaries, is indeed colorblind and is the one thing above all else – faith and hope, included – Jesus valued most.

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