Divorce is a common reality in our world today. Most people see divorce as a means of tearing families apart. And, although divorce is certainly something to try to avoid when possible, it doesn’t have to be such a negative experience when considered thoughtfully.

In fact, when a marriage has served its purpose or run its course, letting go is certainly the best thing to do. Even the kids will be healthier and (eventually) happier for it, if it’s handled correctly. More to the point, it can actually expand their family, rather than breaking it apart.

It’s All About Perspective

Perspective is what determines how we see anything in life, and divorce is no exception.

Choosing a positive perspective helps you see a divorce as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Indeed, it is a major life change, and there will be some difficult and sad moments. But, if you decide to see the process through a positive lens, it simply equates to a new, unknown and likely adventurous route on your path of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Seeing divorce as an opportunity to move forward and evolve can assist kids in expanding their minds and perspectives as well.

Keep Your Heart Open

Keeping your heart open to new experiences and new love will be beneficial for you and the kids. After all, divorce doesn’t have to be the end of love, but simply a shift in the category of love. Remember, true love is unconditional, so it does not die or fade away, even if the marriage does.

Being able to keep love alive within you – even if it is friend and family love – allows you to remain open to the prospect of new, romantic love. And, of course, it assists the kids in learning through example that divorce (or a breakup of any kind) is not an ending but a new beginning which stands to evolve the family and expand individual horizons.

The New Normal

Welcoming the new normal can allow you and your kids to see new people in both your life and the life of your ex-partner as an opportunity to expand the family. Though that concept may seem like a highly evolved one, it’s merely what Christ would do.

As Christians, we are taught to love and accept unconditionally and without judgment, and we are asked to forgive and show compassion. This call doesn’t come with stipulations. We are to do so regardless of the circumstances.

In that way, when divorce finds you and your ex seeing new people and eventually committing to another long-term relationship, it is an opportunity for everyone to expand their hearts and welcome new family members. It is a much more Christ-like way of accepting and embracing the new normal.

Though divorce can initially be a painful and confusing experience for everyone involved, it can also be an enlightening one. Truly, it is all in how you choose to see it. So, whenever possible, do what Christ would do and choose to see an opportunity for more love.

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