I met Sam through ChristianMingle and we are truly a match for one another! I was just about to shut down my account and give up when I met him. Although I had not been on the site for a while, I went online the last week of December 2011 after seeing the movie “New Year’s Eve.” After rejoining ChristianMingle, I shortly received a card from user “Truelove4real.” He commented on my profile but said that the distance between us was an issue for him. We decided to chat regardless, and realized we had a lot in common!

The similarities between the movie I saw and real life made me realize that God was in the midst of the details! In the movie, the main character’s name is Sam and he wants to meet his future bride in Times Square at midnight. I first met Sam, my now-husband, in person on New Year’s Day at Times Square Church in New York City! Also, Sam sent me a text message to my phone at midnight New Year’s Day just to say “Happy New Year” without any idea of the revelation God was showing me. A week later, I was in church praying and another member who was also praying stood next to me. When I opened my eyes, I noticed he had a sweatshirt with the words “Times Square 42 Street” on it. My birthdate is 4/2!

Sam and I were married on September 2012 and our wedding theme was “Times Square.” We’re so thankful to God and ChristianMingle for bringing us together!

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