Her Story:

Almost eight years ago, I met my wonderful husband through ChristianMingle’s website.  It all started with an invitation for a free week trial to ChristianMingle. I signed up just for fun. My husband and I started communicating through the website during the free trial week. Throughout the process, I never thought I would meet him because he lived in Georgia and I lived in Florida.  A couple of weeks passed and I had not heard from him.  I was sure this new pen pal relationship we had developed was over.  Little did I know, he was actually moving to Florida!  Needless to say, we picked up right where we left off.  When I met him in person, we had already been talking via phone and internet for about two months. Then, two months after our initial face to face, we flew to Vegas and got married!  Now, almost eight years later, we have two beautiful angels together who are ages 5 and 6.  I had two children from my previous marriage that he has helped raise. Together, we are a family of six!  Our son will be 18 years this month and going off to college.  Raising children as a single parent is difficult and I thank God that he sent me a partner that not only loved me but also my children. The road to this point has not been easy, but we both have a solid foundation based on our faith in God. He continues to blend our family and grow our marriage to glorify Him and all those whom we come in contact with. I want to thank ChristianMingle.com and our Heavenly Father for making all this happen. We continue to grow and learn about this thing called life and marriage every day.

His Story:

I joined ChristianMingle.com and other “dating” websites in hopes of finding true love about 8 years ago. After several failed dates as a result of other websites, I was starting to have my doubts about online dating. Just before I was to move from Georgia to Florida because of my job, I thought I would do a search for ladies on ChristianMingle in Florida. That is how I found my wife. We started chatting and that progressed into video chatting and then phone calls. Come to find out, she lived in the Northern Tampa area and I was planning on moving to Tampa. I guess God had this planned a long time ago! On my first day in Tampa, Yerina came to meet me. We did not spend many days apart after that. Then after about two months, we ran off to Vegas and got married. She became pregnant a month later with our first child together, Sophia. I was to be a father of three now as she had two children from a previous marriage. I never thought I would ever be a stepdad, but here I am. After Sophia was born, the Lord blessed us again with another daughter, Tiffany. We are now a family of six. Praise God! It is not easy being an instant dad much less the father of four in just under two years, but I am doing the best I can. I am so thankful to ChristianMingle and our Heavily Father for giving us the technology to meet and fall in love.

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