The church community brings together a diversity of talent and strengths that can nourish and support us in our walk with God. Walking through the doors into a community of believers, we meet others whom to the best of their ability are: 

Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:3, KJV

There are so many opportunities to grow and reach out when in communion with a group of believers. Sharing a common bond develops into relationships of meaning and hope for the future. When we take a look at the church’s newsletter, a bounty of ideas and activities are listed that we are invited to become involved in.

A strength or an interest we have, is able to be used and appreciated by volunteering, doing so comes naturally. And, even if we are unsure what those strengths are, volunteering is a wonderful way to find them out!

But, if the question arises and we find ourselves asking, is my help needed? What do we do then?

Believing that we are worthwhile individuals with a purpose, that we are cherished and needed within our churches, is the first step. If the knowledge does not come easily, take a chance, reach out to another in the community and ask. Breaking the silence barrier is one of the ways we awaken to this profound knowledge: that we have been adopted into a spiritual family. 

Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will .Ephesians 1:5, KJV

And again: The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God. —Romans 8:15, KJV

Bound Together in Love

Sometimes, just seeing each other during a Sunday or week day service is only the beginning. The time comes and we are available to do something more for the community, in and outside of the church. Volunteering with those who choose to give back, what has freely been given to them, blesses our lives in ways unspoken.

It may begin by offering to sit with a large family, getting the page ready to turn for a mother with a child in her arms while singing her favorite hymn. Or, noticing the sugar jar isn’t full during social hour after church. Just paying attention to the littlest of details can lift a greater burden from someone else we have no comprehension of.

It may broaden into car pooling or helping with a youth group during their roller-skating event, to walking in a parade against child abuse. But one thing becomes clearer as we progress into a more meaningful relationship with other church members. We learn as we go, building up and edifying each other’s lives as well as our own is worth the effort.

What better way, time permitting, to find the avenues where we are needed giving with joy, as a representative of Christ’s love in the world. When we come to know without a doubt that we are important members of the body, we naturally want to give that same gift to others, who will join into a vibrant and vital part of our lives in ways we have yet to discover.

Love is funny that way, until we have experienced the adage, “In order to keep it, we must give it away.” Trying to make another person understand the profound benefits in the giving of ourselves is not easy. One way we can motivate others to join in this blessing is to lead by example. Reinforcing their participation, showing they are needed can do nothing but expand a person’s worth and help each other to be a complete member of the whole.

Thinking of our church as a second family helps to shed the restraints we may have learned over time. This group of believers needs all the members of their families to participate just as our own families need the abilities, joy and enthusiasm we bring into it, out of unconditional love.

It becomes almost a privilege to work hand-in-hand along side others we have grown to mutually respect and enjoy. There are so many vital and immeasurable gifts we open our lives up to when we volunteer. We can recommend some ideas of our own and watch the world open to a richer life of faith and joy, after all is accomplished.

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