Christmas is arguably the most meaningful holiday of the year, and making it the perfect opportunity to show your significant other just how much he or she meant to you through a heartfelt gift.

The gift for this person instills much more meaning, especially if you’re hoping to express how much he or she means to you. For those looking to give a Christmas gift to let their partner know that they just might be the one, there are some items that can really stand out from all the rest.


Quiet Times for Couples by H. Norman Wright is a book filled with daily devotionals for couples for quiet times and prayer. This can be a great gift to give to the man in your life so that the two of you can work on your relationship with Christ as a couple.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman has consistently ranked in the top 10 bestselling Christian books since its first release back in 1992. This is a great gift for the woman in your life because it can help distinguish the different ways men and women communicate, which helps to strengthen a relationship.


Before taking the plunge and proposing, offering a jewelry gift can help to let the woman in your life know that the relationship is serious and going somewhere. A promise ring helps to let her know of your commitment and can be a treasured keepsake for later on in life.

Thinking that only women are fans of jewelry is a mistake that many women make. However, gifting a pair of great cufflinks can be a great way to purchase something that can be used in the future with warm memories attached. These cufflinks can be used for future anniversaries or even on your actual wedding day.

Spa Day

Spa packages can make a great gift because it offers a service that may not be something she regularly treats herself to. Whether it’s a simple manicure and pedicure package or a full on day of beauty, she will love that you encourage her to spend some time for pampering.

Spas are starting to cater towards services for men. A great gift for a man is to treat him to spa services designed for a man, especially when this might not be something he would get for himself.

Whether it’s a deep tissue massage for the hardworking man or a “MAN-icure” designed to simply clean and trim the nails for professional looking hands, this can be a great option for women looking to show their man a little pampering of their own.


Purchasing tickets to a ballet, musical or other show that she’s been wanting to see can be a great way to show that while it may not be your idea of the best outing, you are willing to compromise.

Women can purchase tickets to a favorite sports team game to show her team spirit for her man and his likes.


While not all men have great cooking ability, simply making the effort can be gift enough. She will love a specialty meal and love the effort put forth to make memories together.

The saying, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” is a phrase many people whole heartedly believe. A great gift for a man is to make a specialty meal, whether it’s reaching out to his mother to recreate his favorite childhood dish or making a combination of all his favorites for one great night in.

Friend Outing

Organizing an outing for her and her friends show that you value the relationships she’s built. Organize a girl’s night out to the “chick flick” she’s been wanting to see and make sure all her friends are in on it.

Whether it’s organizing a guy’s poker night, sports bar outing or just a night in with beer and his favorite guy pals; your man will love the effort it took to bring all his friends together.

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