I have a friend whose husband is not at all supportive. She is basically on her own.

She texted me and asked, “So what can you possibly do with someone who doesn’t see anything wrong?”

This was my reply: “What you do is throw your entire self onto Jesus. This is a rubber-meets-the-road moment. You do not have a supportive earthly spouse (yet) but you DO have a Heavenly One who longs to be to you all those things that your husband is not. Your situation with your husband is Jesus’ invitation to you to allow Him to show Himself strong on your behalf. You are NOT alone in this situation! Claim Phil 4:13 and 1 Corinthians 10:13. Write them down and carry them with you EVERYWHERE until He has written them on your heart.”

Whether you are facing a difficult marriage, a long trial, financial strain, job loss, health issues, there is HOPE for you if you belong to Jesus!

WHATEVER you are dealing with, it is NOT meant to defeat you! (That is what the enemy wants you to believe).

Jesus intends that you TRIUMPH in the midst of it because you are relying on Him to be your strength (both emotional and physical).

Imagine Jesus saying this to you:

Dear ___________,

Through Me, you have strength for all things. I empower you. You are ready for anything and equal to anything through Me. I infuse inner strength into you. You are sufficient in My sufficiency…No temptation has overtaken you and laid hold on you that is not common to man. NO trial has come to you that is beyond your human resistance or ability to bear. I am faithful to My Word and My compassionate nature. You can trust Me not to let you be tempted and tried beyond your ability. I will give you strength and the power to endure. When you face temptation, I will always provide the way out ( a means of escape, a landing place) so that you will be capable and strong and powerful to bear up under it patiently.

NOTHING is too difficult for Me. 

I love you with an everlasting love,


Those are not my words. They are His words and they are found in the above verses, as well as Jeremiah 32:27 and Jeremiah 31:3. (Amplified Version).

This is NOT wishful thinking. This is an exercise of your faith. A determination to live according to His Word and not your feelings or preferences. Yes, trials hurt and we would rather not deal with stormy skies. However, when Jesus allows these things to touch your life, it is not punishment. It is His invitation to you to find true life, which is not in the things and relationships of this world but in HIM.

Just as He came to the disciples in the midst of a furious storm and stilled the wind and the waves, He will do the same for you. If He does not stop the storm, He will blanket your heart with His peace until He ends the storm in His perfect timing.

Speaking of His timing, do yourself a favor and stop fighting Him on this issue. I have walked with Jesus since I was 13 years old and I cannot remember even one instance when my idea of perfect timing matched His. It is futile to fight. We see only a microscopic fraction of the big picture that He sees. We simply have no idea what we are talking about when we rant and rave and remind Him for the thousandth time that we cannot take one more minute of this trial.

Surrender to His timetable by deciding to trust His heart and His purposes … which are perfect

Face your situation head on. Rise up and meet it in the spirit of conquest that He freely offers you. Confess your exhaustion, frustration, heartache to Him. Let those things drive you deeper into His Word, which will show you His heart of love and grace toward you. Believe Him to be huge in your situation. Trust Him to do exceedingly abundantly above all you could dare to ask or imagine. Allow Him to reveal any idols that you may be clinging to and leaning on to save you. Praise Him for the ways He is healing your heart through the struggle.

The trial He has allowed is actually a love gift in disguise … because if you let it, this is the vehicle He has chosen to give Himself to you.

There is no greater gift.

Bride of Christ, no matter how frumpy, ordinary, and dull you may feel, your faith exists in the great storm of a fallen world. Your faith is the power that ravishes the heart of God Almighty. Keep holding on. —Peter Hiett

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