What’s up with men and what are they thinking anyway?

Best-selling author and speaker, Shaunti Feldhahn, knows a thing or two about this question. After spending a decade studying what guys think about and how they think, she put her findings into her highly touted book, For Women Only: What You need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men.

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While reading the book is certainly helpful, why not take a sneak peek with her 2 minute video?

In the video above, Feldhaun eloquently breaks down what it takes to build a great relationship with a guy.

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To quote the expert herself, “To get build a great relationship with a guy, it turns out you have to understand guys.”

Some of you reading might reply with a resounding “Duh!” But do you really know how to do it? Feldhahn does and she shares it in the video. In it, she speaks about two different things men and women need to know about each other.

What men and women need to know about each other

1. Women need words of affection – Yes, it’s true. Turns out we love knowing a guy thinks we’re beautiful, that we’re special for who we are on the inside. But quite the opposite is true for guys.

2. Guys need outside validation – According to Feldhahn, men like being told how much they are loved, but what really hits him is acknowledgment for something he’s done. “Wow, you did a great job on that business proposal!” or “You are so sweet for always opening the door for me to help me out of the car. That is such a gentlemanly thing for you to do.”

Feldhahn goes so far as to say “It’s like oxygen” for a man.

If you, as a woman, would like to breathe more easily yourself, here are two more tips that Feldhahn discovered in terms of what men most value in a relationship.

What men value most in a relationship

1. Physical Attraction – There’s just no getting away from looks and chemistry.

2. The Admiration Factor – Equally as important as looks is the feeling that a woman admires him. This goes right along with what men and women need to know about each other… men need that outside validation.

Feldhahn goes on to note the importance of sincerity. It’s not enough to just give lip service. Find genuine ways to compliment the man you are with. “Thank you for staying late to work on that proposal!”

Having a great relationship is not easy, but it’s one that can be achieved with thoughtful prayer, intention and some faith.

But wait… there’s more! 

If you liked this video, check out Feldhahn’s new book “Surprising Secrets of Happy Highly Marriages.”


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