Waterfall, the first book in the River of Time series by Lisa Tawn Bergren, is a romantic flight into tenth century Italy. The book series promises to deliver all the romance, excitement, and drama that teenagers enjoy. The story is as gripping as the Twilight series, but, unlike Twilight, the love interest of the heroine is an Italian knight in shining armor. The twist? This handsome young knight is from the past.

Seventeen-year-old Gabi is an American teen who is spending her summer in Italy with her sister and their archaeologist mother. Their mother was intent on continuing the work she and her late husband started, and she and her girls were going to a dig site in Tuscany to explore two ancient tombs that were being excavated. When they arrive at the dig site, an Italian authority, who is questioning her paperwork that grants permission to continue the excavation, meets Gabi’s mother.

While their mother is engaged in the paperwork debate, Gabi decides to explore the tombs. Lia reluctantly follows her sister into the cave that was once Tomb Two. Inside, the intricate paintings and mosaics amaze the girls. Using a lantern, they begin to explore the ancient setting.

Gabi notices handprints on the wall. She places her hand into the outline of one handprint and finds it a perfect fit, warm to the touch. Gabi sees that the second handprint is smaller, and asks Lia to see if the smaller handprint fits Lia’s hand. As the girls simultaneously place their hands atop the prints, Gabi is transported backward in time.

Her destination brings her to a battlefield where knights are engaged in a fierce battle. Gabi is horrified by the blood and gruesome death she sees. As she surveys the surreal battlefield, she sees one of the knights staring at her as if she were a ghost. She is stricken by his good looks, and shyly looks away. The landscape is wooded, and she can see a large castle with crimson flags waving from the battlements. Suddenly Gabi sees a sinister knight approaching her. As she fears for her life, the handsome stranger appears and leads her back to the castle.

Waterfall is the story of a young girl who finds herself transported back to medieval times, and realizing she belongs there. This is a spellbinding tale that keeps readers engaged and breathless. 

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