Justin and I met on ChristianMingle.com in November of 2009. I had joined because I wanted to possibly find some Christian friends closer to where I live. I had chatted with a number of guys, but not developed any close friendships until Justin sent me a smile. We smiled, chatted and messaged back and forth for 2 weeks, and then I gave him my email address since we were long distance. He wrote me back that day! After a couple emails, I knew that I really liked him, but I wanted to make sure our conversation would continue into something real.

I really enjoyed his emails and we had such a great time learning about each other. About a month after we met online, we realized that we both were very serious about God, about what was going on between us, and that He was leading us into a relationship. The biggest thing that helped me to know I wanted to be with him was that he asked to do devotions together, which was hugely important to me in a romantic relationship. God had also confirmed to both of us that He was leading us together! We have been so delighted with how He has blessed and led us, even through difficult job or family or health situations, and we’re so thankful for His guidance.

When he visited me in February, we already knew we wanted to be together long term. Seeing him in person and spending time with him definitely confirmed that! I visited him in April, and getting to meet his family and spend more time with him was awesome. He proposed on April 19th at the tide pools in San Diego. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting, and it was the best day of both of our lives together so far! We look forward to God leading us to have a beautiful wedding and life together! What an awesome God!

-Victoria & Justin (his4mylife)

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