mylovve03How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
ChristianMingle is how we discovered each other and our compatibility. We began Facebooking each other from there, and decided to meet. We met each other in person on the 4th of July (Dustin’s birthday) after I invited Dustin to a church family and family barbecue. He joined me that same day for worship practice and met the majority of my family. We went to Sam Ash together and had fun playing with instruments and the employee there asked if we were married. We just looked at each other and laughed.

Soon after, we had an official date where I got to meet Dustin’s parents and close friends. We went on a double-date at a sushi bar after going to a Wednesday night bible study at Village Inn (They call this bible and pie). By this time, we had already been talking non-stop for three weeks and had been so excited to go on this date. The memories and food were epic. We couldn’t stop smiling and staring at each other the whole time. Everyone could see our chemistry and teased us with sentences that started with: “When you guys get married…” His best friend made a joke and asked “Have you two kissed yet?” After we both laughed, we told him “No, we have been saving it for a special time.” Then, after we explained how we have been saving each kiss we wanted to give each other in a metaphorical treasure chest in our hearts. I had been applying lipstick and kissing a paper titled “Kisses saved for Dustin” each time I wanted to and planned on gifting him with it. Dustin’s best friend and his wife who we were double-dating with shared their “awws” after telling us that they could sense the kiss-tension built up between us. We exchanged looks and laughs after that. When the night was over, Dustin asked if he could kiss me, I said “Yes!” That kiss will stay in my memory forever, it was epic!

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!mmylove-01
Dustin and I fell in love fast, but didn’t want to rush into saying it, so we were finding little ways to say it without saying it. For instance, Dustin shared how in other cultures, they associate love with a liver rather than a heart. We began sending each other pictures of livers after that. I sent Dustin olives hugging to send out the “olive you” message to him. Dustin followed that by sending me a picture of almond loaf then another picture of a juice box with the words “almond loaf with juice” to me. I got the hint and once I saw him again in person, I told him that I loved him and he told me he loved me too but didn’t want to say it too soon just in case it would freak me out.

We shared the moment we realized we were in love with one another. He shared that he knew the first time he saw my radical love for Jesus in my worship, intercessory and words. I told him it was the moment he laughed so hard his laugh sounded like a horn as well as the very first moment we ever sang a worship song together. We knew it was true when we went through our hardest times together, because we got to stand together in our faith and grow stronger together as well as closer.

mmylove2What advice would you give other ChristianMingle members?
Give ChristianMingle a chance, even if you don’t get a lot of feedback at first. It took me a little while to find Dustin and get in actual contact with him since he hadn’t signed on in awhile, so I had to use more resources, but I always used ChristianMingle for my main source used to discover our compatibility.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone is to take the time to do the compass tests and to pray as you look through matches. The second is to be open-minded to understand that nobody is perfect and that pictures are not always reliable in choosing the person to look into; everyone deserves a closer look. The compass test is awesome to match people together so you can get the person behind the pictures. Through the compass test, I got to see how extremely compatible Dustin and I are, as well as see if we were evenly yoked without any time wasted. I got to avoid some of the awkward questions right at the beginning and got to spend more time on deeper stuff rather than the basic stuff.

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