My life forever changed on February 5, 2012 – for this was the day the Lord so creatively designed for me to have the very first conversation with Sean. It was Super Bowl Sunday. I sat there in the living room with my laptop, trying not to be obvious to friends and family, but doing a terrible job as I smiled from ear to ear while typing away, getting to know this man who would soon become my husband.

I was living in Phoenix, AZ and he was stationed in Cheyenne, WY – one thousand miles apart. I would rush home from work every day during that first month, keeping my fingers crossed that there would be an e-mail waiting for me…and there always was! Our first phone conversation lasted five hours and somehow that just didn’t seem long enough. A long distance relationship can be quite trying but our God is so big and He loves His children so much. Sean and I would visit each other every other weekend, talk every single night during the week and use Skype on the weekends we weren’t together.

Sean asked me to be his bride on November 30, 2012 and I said “Yes!” I don’t think either of us remembers much about that weekend – just a blur of pure happiness. The Lord had a much bigger plan than either of us could have ever hoped or imagined!

The long distance came to a joyful end when we were married December 22, 2012. It was a very intimate wedding with immediate family there to support us. We wouldn’t change a single thing. We both kept the “online dating” a secret for a long time. For some reason we both felt embarrassed, as if it were reserved for “those people.” But the way we see it now, ChristianMingle was used as one of God’s many vessels to bring two of His beloved children together. What a creative Heavenly Father we have. We are so blessed.

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