We met and began communicating via phone in January of 2015. We had both been members on ChristianMingle for a few years and nothing really materialized, but we did not give up.

I had met quite a few woman, but no one really met me on my emotional, physical, and spiritual level, until I met Toya.  We talked for about a week every other day. Ever ytime I called her she was on her way to the gym, which I loved because it told me she was mindful of her body and her health; or she was on her way out with friends, which told me she was a sociable person and enjoyed people. I really thought she was going to be too busy and not have time to date anyone, but she was so friendly and so easy to talk to that I had to keep calling. At one point I thought maybe she was speaking with other guys and I pulled back for about three weeks, but something drew me back to her. I texted her one day toward the end of February and asked if I could call her. She said yes. I apologized for disappearing and we began talking as if no time had passed. I enjoyed her voice and her down to earth, openness.

We meet for the first time for lunch in early March and I just felt that she was something special. When she walked into the restaurant and said my name, I looked up and saw her smile, her bright eyes, and thought, ‘Wow!’ Her pictures didn’t do her justice. I knew I wanted to see only her, but I had to see if she was willing to see only me.

We began to date, going for walks, to movies, and just talked all the time. I knew I wanted to marry this woman. We were getting ready to go walking the morning of June 7th and a feeling came over me. I got down on one knee and proposed; she said yes and the rest is history. 

Toya planned a beautiful, elegant wedding. Our children and friends came together as if they had known each other for years. It was an amazing day. We are married and planning to relocate by the end of the year. It is all because neither of us gave up on ChristianMingle.

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