Last November, I noticed Tish’s picture and then read her profile on ChristianMingle and was very impressed. I emailed her and mentioned that it was too bad we lived so far away from each other. We started emailing on the website and there were Bible discussions because we are both born again Christians.

One night just after Thanksgiving, Tish IMed me. We started chatting, which is a bit of a chore for me seeing that I do not type. I asked her how she knew so much about the Bible. She replies back saying that she gets up early each morning, reads the Bible and prays, which is exactly what I’ve done every morning for the past 30 years! I got goose bumps at this point so I asked her for her phone number.

I called that night and we talked for a long, long time. For about the next ten days, I called three or four times a week. Tish asked me one Sunday if I would call more often, so I started calling her each morning before work and we would read the Bible together and pray.

At one point in our conversations, I found out the name of her favorite restaurant, which was a sushi place. Around Christmas time I sent her an email and I asked her if the sushi place took reservations. She was shocked and excited. Win, lose, or draw, I had to meet her!

I flew down in January, got a hotel room, and we went to dinner. We fell madly in love. Tish said that she didn’t think any axe murderers could know the Bible as well as I did, so she was probably safe. I had bought necklaces for each of us. They each have half of the verse: “May the Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent from one another.” When I flew down again in February, I asked her to marry me and gave her a ring. Tish started calling me her K.I.S.A. (knight in shinning armor).

God has blessed us in many ways and we have been faithful to Him. We were married on October 28th in a Victorian/1860’s style wedding in Virginia City. For part of our wedding, we took 1st Corinthians 13 and changed the word “love” to our names and each read a line out loud. Not a dry eye in the house! We are madly in love and still read the Bible together on the phone 7 days a week. On our wedding night, I gave Tish a Bible with her “new” name on it.

We read Song of Songs to each other before we went to sleep. God has blessed us in many ways and now seems to be leading me to move to Carson City. It all started on! Praise the Lord!

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