Danny O:

“I have a very good reason for focusing on sinning if someone would finally answer my question as to why the best of us sin daily in spite of the pain it causes God … Okay, I think enough has been presented for me to explain why I ask.”

“If we can concede that sin is part of us no matter how hard we try, then why do you believe you deserve to go to hell simply because you were created … if it were not through Jesus intervening? Why would it be fair to be damned for eternity just because you were created to be who you are? Why need a redeemer for what you cannot completely control? This is why Christianity makes no sense to me.”  

Sin comes naturally to every one of us. No one teaches a child to lie, or to be selfish. As we grow we steal, lust, harbor hatred or jealousy, etc. However, these sins don’t cause “pain” to God. They rather stir up his just wrath, in the same way a vicious criminal stirs up the wrath of a good judge.

To believe that you should be able to blame God for your sins is like the devious criminal saying that he was created who he was, therefore the judge should dismiss his case.

When anyone becomes a Christian, all his or her crimes against God are forgiven in an instant. His past, present and future sins are legally dealt with by the grace of God.

So the Christian has a choice. He can either live a life of fighting his sinful desires, or he can yield to them and live the life of a hypocrite.

The Bible calls the battle of the sinful nature and the new nature given to the belier the battle between “the flesh and the spirit,” saying that if you live after the flesh it leads to death, but if you follow the spirit—the new nature you shall live.

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