Sometimes, it can feel like it’s hard to find good Christian entertainment. Books, music and movies might seem cheesy or preachy and leave you feeling like you wasted your time.

If you’re looking for some good faith-based films, check out any of these five movies, which are sure to both uplift and entertain you.

Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged is the inspirational movie about a young woman who finds herself torn between faith and fame. Eighteen-year-old Grace Trey (Amanda “AJ” Michalka) is a beautiful, talented songwriter and performer that dreams of stardom. She charms the congregation at her church, where the worship leader is none other than her father (James Denton), himself a former pop star.

With the help of her father’s former manager, she records a cover version of one of her father’s hit songs and heads to Los Angeles. There, she begins to enjoy the stardom she’s always dreamed of, but feels pressured to compromise her values, straining her relationship with her parents and with God. She must make the choice to reject her faith or rediscover it. This movie is rated PG.

Home Run

If you have ever felt like you are just beyond the reach of God’s grace, Home Run is the movie you need to see. This movie stars Scott Elrod as baseball all-star Cory Brand, a man who is haunted by his past and feels hopeless about his future.

After getting a DUI and a team suspension, Brand is sent back to his small home town and enrolled in the only recovery program in town. He finds himself forced into coaching the local youth baseball program and counts down the days until he can return to his old life. But, during what he initially thought was a bleak time in his life, he realizes he is given a second chance to be freed from his past and win back the love he left behind. With each step he takes, he navigates a powerful journey of transformation and redemption. This movie is rated PG-13.

The Christmas Candle

Based on the novel by Max Lucado, The Christmas Candle is a story about keeping faith alive when it might seem irrelevant in the world. The legend of the Christmas Candle goes back hundreds of years. In the village of Gladsbury, legend has it that an angel visits the village candle maker every 25 years and touches a single candle.

The person that lights this candle will experience a miracle on Christmas Eve. But with the advent of electricity, the centuries-old legend seems to be fading away. The candle maker (Sylvester McCoy) fights to preserve the legacy of the Christmas Candle, but when the candle goes missing, the whole town experiences strange and wonderful occurrences that can only be described as miraculous. This movie is rated PG.

The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone

This family-friendly movie stars two kids, Billy (Billy Unger) and Allie (Sammi Hanratty) in an exciting adventure. A mysterious man stops at the foster home where they reside to drop off some donations and begins telling the children a story about two teenage friends that uncover a long-lost medallion with the ability to transport people through time. When the medallion falls into Billy’s hands, he and Allie are transported back 200 years and find themselves in all sorts of precarious situations — jumping off waterfalls, sneaking through caves and avoiding traps, just to name a few. This movie is rated PG.


Divination is a thriller that is not intended for children — or for the feint of heart! This movie relates a story of a young, married Christian couple that makes the mistake of meddling with witchcraft. When they are tormented by demons putting horrifying thoughts and dreams into their minds, a battle of spiritual warfare between angels and demons erupts over the souls of the young couple. This film is not rated.

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