I joined ChristianMingle in August 2010 and Ray had joined in July 2010. I was about to leave the site in February 2011 but as I was searching through one last time, I came upon Ray’s picture. Reading his profile, I realized he was in the same field of radiology that I was in. I was also encouraged by his profile and his love of God. I immediately sent him a message and relayed to him how nice it was to find someone who related to a lot of what I did. It took him two weeks to respond. After several conversations we met at our favorite coffee place and we sat for three and a half hours talking. We discovered we lived 66 miles apart. That evening, as I arrived home, I called my mom, best friend and other friends and told them I had met the man I was going to marry. We met again the following week and this time talked for five to six hours. I knew God had finally sent me the love of my life! I had finally found someone who loved God like I do.

The following week Ray came to my home for dinner and it has been bliss ever since.

Ray proposed to me on April 9, 2012 and we were married in a beautiful wedding on August 25, 2012. We had a wonderful honeymoon in Aruba. Without ChristianMingle, I know Ray and I would have never met. God’s hand was truly present in allowing us to meet.

Thank you so much for ChristianMingle. We are so HAPPY!

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