It Will Only Take Five Minutes and Other Blatant Lies

Because your time is so limited, let us start out by first saying thank you for reading this article. It will take less than five minutes, so it’s not really a big deal, right?

Not so fast, partner.

You likely also have about 20 other emails in your inbox, each requiring about five minutes. Add in meals to be made, errands to run, phones to answer, texts to type, pets to feed and significant others to care for (or time spent worrying about not having a significant other in the first place) “five minutes” can easily add up to “five hours.”

Factor in more hours of paid and domestic work, you’re lucky if you have even five minutes left over for fun pursuits. And… if you do manage to get that precious free time… are you really going to enjoy it after being so exhausted from that rat race? We thought not.

We Get It – A Psychologist’s Solution to Being Overwhelmed

We understand. As an organization that often writes for tired, overworked women (not to mention hires them… ahemmmm…) we know only too well the damage that can occur when a woman does too much.

This article by Psychology Today succinctly breaks down the road to breakdown (pun intended).

Step 1: Admit your problem.

Step 2 and 3: Which way could your problem be worse? Which way could your problem be better?

Step 4: What has to change in the situation, or in you, for the better scenario to come about?

Step 5: What specifically can you do to bring about the better version of your problem?

Step 6: On what you have learned so far, how do you understand the situation?

Step 7: Is there a resolution in sight?

The Psychologists Big Error – She Left Out Jesus

The tips above are really great, but the psychologist left one important factor out of the picture: Jesus. Without the power of prayer and having someone far greater than us at the helm of our problems, then it becomes all about us.

Without God, we’re destined for failure. In the long run, we’re only going to be back at our starting point – wondering why we’re doing so much – feeling defeated, and desperately trying to crawl our way back to solid footing. While amazing therapy can help the perpetually exhausted woman recognize danger signs and get back on track quicker, our amazing God can keep a woman on track longer.

Women Need Community, Not More To-Do Lists

One way to be reminded and encouraged about who God is and how He can transform our problems is to find a group of women who can support you. We’re not talking just any women, however. We’re talking God-fearing women who really get what you’re going through, aren’t asking you to pretend it’s okay if it’s not, but also won’t let you sit in your pity party for hours on end.

Who Are These Women and How Can You Find Them?

Real, transparent and Godly women don’t have to be found just in heaven. There are many right here on earth – in your very own community – and you can find them through an organization called Community Bible Study.

What Exactly is CBS?

CBS classes are attended by people from various backgrounds who meet at a local host church for Bible Study. Classes meet for two hours, once a week for 30 weeks, usually beginning in September and ending in May. Many classes schedule seasonal breaks around Christmas and/or Easter to coincide with local school calendars.

History and Mission of CBS

For almost 40 years Community Bible Study has taught the Word of God through in-depth, community-based Bible studies. With nearly 700 classes in the United States as well as classes in more than 70 countries, Community Bible Study purposes to be an “every-person’s” Bible study, available to all.

What Kind of Classes and Books do CBS Offer?

Classes for men, women, youth, children, and even babies, are all designed to make members feel loved, cared for, and accepted — regardless of age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, education, or church membership. Because Bible study is most effective in one’s heart language, Community Bible Study curriculum has been translated into more than 50 languages. Each person will receive an in depth study guide to work on during the week and discuss in class.

What Sector of Christianity Does CBS Cover?

Community Bible Study makes every effort to stand in the center of the mainstream of historic Christianity, concentrating on the essentials of the Christian faith rather than denominational distinctives. Community Bible Study respects different theological views, preferring to focus on helping people to know God through His Word, grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus, and be transformed into His likeness.

Why Put CBS on Your Overcrowded To-Do List?

Community Bible Study’s focus is to glorify God by providing in-depth Bible studies and curriculum in a Christ-centered, grace-filled, and philosophically safe environment. The fact is, if you aren’t centered in God’s Word as a woman, nor do you have strong relationships that nurture you, you’re going to hit burn-out fast.

With the dawn of yoga, meditation and numerous self-help books hitting the best seller’s list, the fact is that people are recognizing the need for connection and the importance of slowing down for a more enriched, rewarding life. Why not concentrate on the bestselling book of all time with women who share your values? Not only will you be spirit filled, but you might just enjoy the things on your to-do list thanks to a greater perspective.

Life for women is complex. Don’t do it alone!

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Note: This was not a paid advertisement. Andrea Frazer, writer of this article, knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed with the obligation of a marriage, two tweens, a renter, an aging mama and special needs pit bull puppy! CBS was a game-changer for her.

Her biggest disappointment? Not being able to attend CBS this year. That said, her “peeps” from past classes pray for her daily and call and text at least four times/week. They remind her who she is in God’s eyes, not the treadmill’s. It’s the anchor in a crazy sea of life. Andrea highly recommends it!

Look for more of Andrea’s writing at her blog, Fundamentally Imperfect, which publishes Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Parenting Section of (It’s located on the right sidebar.)

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