Kevin and I started emailing in July 2012 and quickly realized we had a lot in common. When joining ChristianMingle, I put my location in the Kansas City area because I was thinking of moving home. As it turns out, Kevin and I live about 2 minutes from each other in Oklahoma City! We went out for our first date on July 17th and absolutely hit it off. The next day, I went out of town for my nephew’s birth and texted and talked to Kevin every night throughout the 4 days I was away. He asked to take me to lunch when I got back and lunch turned into coffee, movie, and dinner. Our second date was 10+ hours long! We’ve spent just about every day together ever since.

In our relationship, our intention has always been to put the Lord first. We completed a sermon series on dating, love, and marriage that his church was hosting and during that time, we decided to start every day in prayer together. To this day, he calls me before going to work so we can pray over each other’s day.

On Halloween this past year, Kevin proposed in the middle of one of our very favorite spots. His proposal included a Bible embossed with my new last name! His whole family, who I’ve become so close with, was back at his house ready to celebrate after he proposed.


Our story takes a very interesting turn about a month after our engagement. On November 25th, on our way home from spending Thanksgiving with our families, Kevin and I were struck by a truck going 75 mph and were in bad shape. I was taken by life flight to a trauma 1 hospital, and Kevin was taken by ambulance to a trauma 2 hospital. Kevin suffered a broken nose and several lacerations to the face and he needed about 140 stitches. I was in the ICU with a collapsed lung, 5 broken ribs, 3 skull fractures, a dislocated elbow, a fractured T5 vertebrae, temporary paralysis to the right facial nerves, and damaged right and left carotid arteries. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and am still currently at home recovering in a back brace with several doctors following up and procedures that need to be completed.

Kevin and I are so thankful to the Lord that he has not only saved us spiritually, but he chose to save us physically. I cannot express how much closer we have become through this experience. I didn’t know it was possible to feel closer until the moment my fiancé was sitting with me in the ICU cleaning my nails with hydrogen peroxide because he knew I’d want them to be clean.

We are both supported by amazing Christian families who have become incredibly close with one another through this. In fact, this event brought my sister to the Lord! Our accident should have ended fatally, and we have pictures of the car to prove it. We are walking miracles of the Lord’s divine power.

Even after all of this, we have NOT changed our wedding date! I could not be more excited to marry my best friend on April 6, 2013. We count down the days until we can make a covenant before the Lord and live our lives united as one.

I’ve always said God does not miss details. And the fact that I signed up for ChristianMingle and decided to go out with one guy changed the course of my entire life. Who knew he lived 2 blocks away the whole time and would be by my side to walk through the thickest storm of my life? I’m so thankful for ChristianMingle and to the Lord!

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