Do you ever feel like your words fall on deaf ears? I do. I have.

I’ve shared posts on facebook that no one really notices and then someone else shares it and immediately everyone is liking it.

I’ve suggested new trends to people who, generally, scoffed at the idea. Then someone else suggests it, and suddenly the idea has more concrete value to it.

Am I not reputable enough? Not BIG enough?

Isn’t that the way it goes, sometimes? You feel as if your words were the same as someone else’s but because they are POPULAR, they are heard.

And you are ignored.

Left to speak to the big open, vapid space. And you wonder why you waste the breath. Why you keep trying.

It’s all about love, really. You love. You care. And so you share.

And every once in a while someone will hear you. Someone will respond. And to them, you will mean everything. Your heart will reach theirs and soothe over a spot that had been cold, lonely, and empty.

I think my God must feel like that at times, as well. He tries so hard to speak to us. He shares things with us – which we ignore. And then someone whom we think is wonderful and delightful, shares the same thing. And we listen. We find value in THEIR words.

God says He loves me. And I don’t listen. Someone else tells me they love me, and suddenly, I’m all ears.

God tells me I’m valuable. Special. He will fight for me. He CHOSE me. I turn my head at times because it’s so hard to believe. Someone else tells me, and I’m quick to believe they must be right – for they dress well, look attractive, and are well-liked.

It’s a little skewed, isn’t it?

Just as God wants to be heard, so do people. They want to know that someone heard their words. That they HEARD their heart.

Do you need to be heard today? I’m listening. Tell me your words.  And they won’t fall on deaf ears or a dull heart.

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