Going to the movies is a time-honored date night tradition, and there are plenty of good movies coming out on and around Valentine’s Day. Whether you like action, horror, or a little romance in the spirit of the day, you’ll find something on the big screen that will please both you and your date. Here are some options:

The Monuments Men

This action movie comes out on Feb. 7, so it should still be around for Valentine’s Day. It stars George Clooney going up against the Nazis to save priceless art. It’s based on a true story and also stars John Goodman, Bill Murray and Jean Dujardin as members of Clooney’s intrepid team. This one is great for action fans and those who love art and history.

Endless Love

It’s appropriate that a movie called Endless Love comes out on Valentine’s Day. It’s a light-hearted teen romance flick with an age-old story line. A wealthy girl played by Gabriella Wilde falls for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks (Alex Pettyfer). As you might have guessed, her parents try to break them up, which only makes them want each other more. If you ever dated someone in high school that drove your parents crazy, you’ll relate to this one.

Winter’s Tale

If you want a deeper romance, a Winter’s Tale also comes out on Feb. 14, just in time for your date night. Colin Farrell plays a burglar who falls for a dying woman in one of the homes he’s robbing. He’s then saved from a dangerous gangster (Russell Crowe) by a mysterious white horse that becomes his guardian. If you liked the Christopher Reeve classic Somewhere in Time, you’ll love how this movie spans 100 years and weaves in elements of the supernatural.

About Last Night

Hollywood is big on remakes and reboots these days, and the remake of About Last Night will be out just in time for Valentine’s Day, with a Feb. 14 release date. The original came out in 1986, but this time around it’s updated with references to Facebook and Twitter to bring it into the present day. Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant all star in the tale of a couple who wants to move in together despite their disapproving friends.


RoboCop is yet another remake, with Joel Kinnaman the title role. This one comes out on February 12, so the timing is perfect for the holiday. Kinnaman plays an injured Detroit policeman who becomes part man and part machine, thanks to OmniCorp, and goes on the warpath against crime. There’s plenty of action here, along with dazzling special effects that will blow away the original 1987 version.

Three Days to Kill

If you’re part of a couple where one person craves action while the other is a soft touch for romance, this Kevin Costner movie will please both of you. Costner is a dying secret service agent who can be saved by an experimental drug. Then he can retire and take precious time to reconnect with his daughter. There’s only one catch: he can only have it if he agrees to go on an assignment that’s basically a three-day killing spree. This is another Feb. 14 release, so it should be easy to find on your date night.

Vampire Academy

Vampires have been box office favorites for a while now, but even though this movie comes out on Valentine’s Day, it’s not a dark romance like Twilight. Instead, as the name implies, it’s about a school for vampires. It’s based on the novel of the same name and stars Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry. They play a pair of teen girls who attend a school for mortal vampires and their guardians. Fry is a vampire princess being protected by Deutch. If either you or your partner enjoys the popular vampire craze, this will work well as your date night movie.

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