As I meet pastors all over the county and world I ask them this question, “Do you have a good population of singles within your church and if so, how are you using them?” Many times pastors reply, “I’m glad I got a chance to talk with you, I have always wondered just what to do with my singles.”

Did you know that there is no other group within the local church that is able to do more for God’s kingdom and fulfill God’s purposes for the church than Single Adults? What an incredible realization. God desires to use single adults in a big way.

You may ask, “Pastor Clayton, what makes you say this?” The answer is simple. BECAUSE GOD SAYS IT and you know what, GOD DID IT!

You see, when God decided to establish His church and restore His relationship with us, He sent His son Jesus Christ. Now He could have said, “You know, I desire for my son to be married. When He is married, more people will listen to him, repent and believe.” He could have done that. He can do anything, He’s God. But He didn’t. His desire was that His Son remain single while seeking and saving the lost and leading others to repent and believe.

And who did God surround His son with? Married people? No, for all we know, according to scripture, they were single. We know that Peter had a mother-in-law and therefore he was married, but the Bible is silent to the marital status of the other disciples. So God sent His son who was single, and surrounded his son with singles … and we are here today as a result of singles. Singles, just like the single adults who are in your local church. Jesus had a purpose, the disciples had a purpose and you know what … Single Adults HAVE A PURPOSE!

Somewhere along the way, it seems that churches began focusing on married adults to meet all of the needs within the local church. Most leadership teams, deacon bodies, committees and other teams are lead and comprised of married adults. Because of this, many single adults receive the non-verbal communication that they are somehow “less than” a married person. In God’s kingdom, we are all made complete not through a union with a spouse but rather a union with Christ. We are complete only because we are joined with the one who is complete.

Single Adults are crucial to fulfilling God’s purpose for the church. There is not one area that can’t benefit from singles being involved. Send this message to your local pastor and get involved. You can make an everlasting difference during this season of singleness.

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