“…the Lord Himself will give you a sign…” Isaiah 7:14 NAS

Signs of Christmas abound during this glorious month of December, announcing an event that changed the world, one heart at a time. The word sign derives from Latin signum meaning “mark” or “token.” Follow the signs of Christmas to discover the true meaning in the Nativity, for they are marks or tokens of His coming. Token is defined as a keepsake, something kept in memory of the giver. What are the keepsakes of Christmas?

Consider the lights of Christmas, twinkling on evergreen trees, blanketing houses, decorating towns and villages. In earth’s darkest hour, deep in winter’s midst, the light of Christ bursts forth as a mark of hope.

Look at the vibrant colors of Christmas. Reds, greens, golds and silvers invoke a festive spirit. Inhale the smells of Christmas, fresh evergreen boughs, cinnamon-laced apple cider, brown sugar cookies baking, Christmas-scented candles flickering in the night, all little tokens of joy.

Listen to the sounds of Christmas. Heavenly carols, children laughing, presents tearing, people praying, bells ringing … they all herald His coming, the coming gift of Love to our world. These are signs of love.

A mark is a visible trace of something on a surface. The signs of Christmas are merely the visible traces of a great mystery, of the kingdom of God arriving one Bethlehem morn as our King was born. The Lord has given us signs to lead us to His quiet birth.

Enjoy these signs of Christmas, marks of hope, little tokens of joy and signs of love. Be still and look beyond them, too. Take some time to welcome Jesus into your world this Christmas.

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