How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
sharon-and-richard-03I was bored one Friday night in January 2013. I was just looking through ChristianMingle because it popped up on Facebook. I came across Richard’s picture and saw that he went to my church, but at a different campus than I attended. I liked his profile, so I joined. We chatted a little that night and into the next day. We decided to meet at McDonald’s for the $1 cup of coffee because it was a public place, cheap and safe. We talked for two hours until he had to go to work, then over the next few hours, sent thousands of texts while he worked a double shift. The next morning, after he was finished with work, I picked him up and we went to church together as our official first date!

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!
When coming home from a vacation with my kids, I was very ill. He picked us up at the airport, took care of my kids and made sure they had food. Then, he took me to the hospital and sat up with me till 3am when I was admitted. The amazing thing is he had to work at 6am. Then, when they decided to take me in for an emergency surgery around 8:30, he had gotten someone cover his shift so he could get to the hospital before I went in to hold my hand, and then waited for me. As I looksharon-and-richard-02ed and felt my worst ever, he stroked my hair and told me he loved me! I had never had someone like that. In my previous life, my ex would never be at the hospital for things; I either drove myself or got rides home, and had friends sit for me during surgeries. There are so many different ways he has shown me that absolutely, without a doubt, he loves me. Together we have made it through the loss of three pets and my mom, health issues and financial issues, and through it all we have gotten stronger. Rich is absolutely the faceless man in my dreams that I could never quite reach.

What advice would you give other ChristianMingle members?
Find your friendship first, and let the rest come as it may. Listen to your heart and head and not everyone else’s voices! We married September 18, 2016 in Florida and had a party the next weekend! It can happen!

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