I had already decided that I was not going to renew my membership on CM. It was too hard for someone like me to “work it”. Just as I had decided that, I saw Larry’s picture. He has a beard and long hair and apparently that was something that I was attracted to. I clicked on his picture and saw that he lived in Michigan which was too far away from Indiana in my mind. I read his profile and discovered that what he had written was almost word for word what I had written many years ago in my journal as I prayed for a spouse. I physically felt something like a shock or a poke or something inside. Yet I ignored that and said to myself, “he is too far away.” However, I decided that I would write him an e-mail and tell him that I thought what he had written was very beautiful. I did and left it at that, never expecting to hear from him. But Larry e-mailed me back and gave me his off site e-mail address. I promptly e-mailed back and told him that I didn’t feel comfortable e-mailing him away from this site because I didn’t know him. He responded very well to that and so we e-mailed each other here on CM every day, each e-mail getting longer. We had decided to be friends since we lived so far away. I wanted to keep in contact with this ‘friend’ and I was about to give him my off site e-mail address, but still needed God to show me that Larry was for real. God is so good, he showed me through my devotional book that I read every day after I pray along with my Bible. The title for the day read, “The Fruitfulness of Friendship” and the Bible verse was “I have called you friends.” That was infused with the Holy Spirit and was enough for me to give Larry my e-mail. We immediately started chatting off the site. Then we exchanged phone numbers and began talking every night, anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours a night! We still do. It wasn’t too long before we realized that what we were experiencing was the miracle of love. A gift from God. I have been praying for Larry for 15 years and CM is where God chose to introduce us. We have nearly everything in common. I traveled to Michigan to meet him and the rest is history. On October 8th I went to Michigan to visit Larry and when I got there, he sat me down on his sofa, got down on both his knees and read to me the most beautiful words I had ever heard. It was his proposal to me, his promises to me for the rest of our lives. We are engaged! Woohoo!

-Artgirl770 & Standing_Still

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