Some say, “Leadership principles are leadership principles.” They then go on to demand that any great leader is someone we must learn from and practice the practices that they utilize to lead the organization they are leading. 

But, oftentimes there’s a difference between leadership built on practices that are biblical and those that are not. Below you’ll find a quick list of six practices that a follower of Christ, no matter if they have oversight of a car wash, a bank or a church may need to cling to. 

A biblical leader … 

… Has fully embraced the responsibility God has given them

… Realizes the authority they have been given must be utilized in such a way that it brings glory to God

… Is willing to sacrifice his/her life and/or lifestyle to accomplish the vision he/she has been called to

… In realizing the responsibility is beyond human ability, a biblical leader prays much

… Treats those willing to follow his/her leadership as Christ would treat them

… Doesn’t perceive himself/herself as superior to the others working to make the dream a reality, but views the others as equals who voluntarily allow them, the leader, to lead them

… Allows biblical leadership principles to trump business leadership principles each time they contradict one another

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