I pull around the corner and down my street, hurrying to get home from the store so we can head back out when I see it.

High up, just a sliver, but enough to instantly catch my eye.

With no rain clouds in the sky.

A little piece of a rainbow.

And I’m stunned.

So I question what I’m seeing.

I remove my sunglasses, thinking surely it’s an optical illusion. And when I do, the sky is so bright, I can’t make out any details. It’s one big sky.

But when I slip them back on, the rainbow returns.

And as my eyes first catch it, these are the words that play on the radio,

“So, remember Your people.

Remember Your children,

Remember Your promise, oh God.”

God’s multi-color promise to us.

I look from behind these new polarized lenses (my first “good” pair!), and it dawns on me, what else have I missed for 40 years?

How many rainbows haven’t I seen? When the sky just looked like one big blue blur?

Thank You, Lord for eyes that are open to Your gifts. 

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