Sarah aSarah&Cory01nd I got engaged on New Year’s Eve and got married in the summer on June 27th. We met on ChristianMingle in March of last year. We officially met in person in April, and started officially dating in May. It was funny, because Sarah was fairly upfront with me and said she wasn’t looking for a relationship, which I found odd, considering she was on ChristianMingle! But she’s in North Carolina and I’m in South Carolina and at the time we were about 3.5 hours apart. I wouldn’t relent though!

It didn’t take terribly long until she agreed to meet me in a little town called Cheraw near the border of the two states. We met at a little 24-hour breakfast place called Huddle House. We would have never guessed that eight months later I would be down on one knee in that same parking lot asking her to marry me. But a lot changed for me over those eight months; I’ve never loved someone like I love Sarah. I never thought that I could be unselfish enough (not that I’m anywhere near being totally unselfish). A lot can happen, and it certainly did – thank the Lord!

To be honest, I feel like it’s hard to talk about a relationship “working” or what makes it work. I’m not an expert! But I’ll say as far as dating/meeting each other on ChristianMingle, one of the best things you can do is to be honest … not only while you’re chatting or sending emails, but even when you edit your profile! You can’t be afraid to share that goofy movie you love, or your heart you have for a certain kind of Sarah&Cory02ministry. The broader and less detailed you are, the more difficult it is. You gotta be willing to put yourself out there!

Also, you have to be okay with just getting to know someone. Some people are very eager to date and obviously that’s not wrong. However, becoming friends and just getting to know one another is so important, as cliche as that sounds. I’m not going to act like Sarah and I spent an extended amount of time just “talking,” but I never pushed Sarah … and I truly believe she would agree!

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