Being new to the whole online dating thing, I was very skeptical and not sure what to expect. I started off with the free trial and began browsing through profiles. Not expecting too much, I was absolutely drawn to the first profile I saw. I didn’t know that this particular profile would become my soul mate. At first glance, I saw an astonishingly gorgeous woman with stunning eyes and a hauntingly beautiful smile. I was intrigued and decided to read her profile. I was amazed that a woman like this even existed, let alone on a dating website.

I was amazed at Sarah’s profile! She was such a spiritual and loving person. We liked similar things and held all of the same values. I sent her a smile never thinking that she would be as intrigued with me as I was with her. A day went by and…I had mail! My free trail quickly turned into a membership when I saw that Sarah had responded to my smile with an email. I just had to read it and respond to her. Sarah and I started emailing in May of 2013. We emailed several times a day with our emails getting longer and longer each time. We found out that we had so much in common and we were instantly hooked on each other. I know that we both longed for those emails from one another. After about a week, we graduated to texting, while still continuing to write each other emails. After our first phone conversation, I was in love. We talked for more than three hours and even read from the Bible. Over the next ten days, we talked every night for two to four hours at a time. We could not get enough of each other; we wanted to learn everything about one another! After a short while we felt like we’d known each other for years and it felt like we were best friends; it was definitely time to meet.  If you ask Sarah, it was during that first date that we feel in love. We shared our first kiss that night, and were forever bound together.

From the start we hoped and prayed that our relationship would be God’s will. We asked that if this was not what He wanted, to end it before we got too attached. We knew that we must always put the Lord first and prayed that our love would be strong. It didn’t take long to receive and answer and know what God had planned for me…for us.

Sarah and I got engaged on September 4, 2013, and that is a story in itself. I wanted to do something special for Sarah and decided on a scavenger hunt. I planned it for a month to get all the details organized and set-up, including talking to Sarah’s parents and work to ensure she had the day off as well as coordinating with numerous other contacts.

The day started like any other day off for Sarah…fast asleep. When I called her she was surprised to find out that I said something would be delivered to her any minute. A knock sounded at the door and Sarah answered to find a Panera Bread delivery person with breakfast and an envelope (Panera normally doesn’t deliver). After getting ready for the day, Sarah followed the first clue to her local Starbucks. Our favorite drink is iced tea so I thought it would be nice for the clue to lead her there. Waiting for her was a barista with her next clue and a drink of her choice.

After ordering her drink, she followed the clue to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Disneyland has been one of our favorite places to go since our first date, and has since become a constant place to spend date nights. The clue led Sarah to the “Tower of Terror,” one of our favorite rides. This is where she received the next clue. She was directed to the ride that we rode on our very first date. Sarah arrived at the Haunted Mansion, only to find the ride closed for remodeling. Luckily, I had talked with guest services at Disneyland to have a cast member stand out in front of the ride in full uniform to give her the next clue.

From there, the clue led her to where we shared our first kiss together. Sarah arrived at the beach and walked right to the life guard tower where our first kiss took place. Taped on the tower was the next clue, which led her to where we shared our first meal. She entered the Rusty Pelican to find an eager host with her next clue, and a to-go order of clam chowder. 

Sarah read the clue and found out that she was headed to the Aquarium of the Pacific in search of a scuba diver; a past time of both Sarah’s dad and I. Joking around with Sarah, the scuba diver gave her the next clue and sent her on her way.

All the while, Sarah was talking to her cousin Shelly, and found out that the clue was leading her to the Queen Mary. For those who know Sarah, they know that this is her favorite place in the world. The clue led her to the Observation Bar where I had an extra dirty martini and the next clue waiting for her. Sarah relaxed for a little while and then read the clue. This one asked her to find the gazebo at the back of the ship. This is where she received her last clue and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Opening the last clue, it asked her to “turn around” where she found me on one knee, holding her dream ring (she explained in detail what she wanted).

Sarah said yes and we embraced, basking in the moment that we both had longed for. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner, and immediately began to plan our wedding and the rest of our lives together. We are now about a month away from our dream wedding on March 15, 2014. We make sure to put God first in everything we do, and in all of the plans that we make. We count down the days until we can make a covenant before God and share the love that only He envisioned for us.

God certainly has worked wonders in both of our lives. God works in mysterious ways and I truly believe that God meant for us to meet; Sarah’s membership was going to expire about a week before I sent her that smile. My decision to, at random, check out ChristianMingle changed my entire life. Whether it’s been in the small details or the big picture, God started our journey together on ChristianMingle and we will forever be grateful. We are so thankful for ChristianMingle and to the Lord!

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