A hopeless romantic, I never gave up the hope for true love. My niece found true love online and I was so happy for her. The night of her wedding party, I noticed an email from ChristianMingle.com. I had decided the last part of my life would be the best part of my life and with that I knew I needed to seek friends with strong Christian beliefs, so I joined. On March 22nd, I noticed this strikingly handsome man from Frisco, TX. His smile lit up my entire bedroom and I decided to send him a smile to tell him. I didn’t even know where Frisco was and never expected him to contact me.  I simply wanted to let him know he made me smile. He emailed me, we began talking through email and within two weeks we were talking on the telephone.

 I had to make a trip that I was not looking forward to, so I asked him if he would like to come along and he said yes! We met face to face on April 10th when he flew from Dallas to Roswell and then drove with me for more than three hundred miles! What a knight in shining armor! On this trip we both felt strongly we had more than a friendship.  I was so sad when he boarded the plane to go home to Dallas, but I prayed this would not be the last time I saw him.

Kent came back to Roswell two weeks later and on April 22nd he asked me to marry him! I said yes! In the short time I have known this incredibly wonderful man my life has changed drastically for the better. Kent, first and foremost, loves the Lord and puts him first. He loves and respects me, putting me second and he treats me like precious gold. When I am with him, I feel like the most beautiful princess in the world. Kent has done so many romantic, fantastic things for me I can’t put it all into words. God works on the internet!  Believe me; God put us together through a little smile. We are getting married on June 18th and our compatibility is remarkable!

The story of my wedding dress is just one more romantic thing my husband surprised me with.  My friend and I were taking a lunch time walk downtown Roswell, NM in April of this year. We like to look in Once Again, a very nice consignment shop.  We walked in and I saw this amazingly beautiful dress they were holding for another customer.  I asked Molly, the shop owner, if I could try it on. Molly agreed.  I was looking for a gown to wear to a fund raising event scheduled for June 18th.  As soon as I put this gown on I felt like a princess!  My friend, Mary Ann, took a photo with her cell phone and texted the picture to my new beau, Kent.  I had a wonderful afternoon, got to dress up and feel like a princess if only for the moment as the dress was sold to someone else.  On Friday of the same week I got a call from Molly.  She said she had some new clothes just in and wanted me to come see if I liked any of them.  This was a little unusual as she had never called me at work before. 

As it turned out I was swamped at work, but she persisted so I told her I would be by after 5:30pm.  When I walked in the shop, she brought out the beautiful princess dress with a lovely note from my wonderful beau, Kent.  From Frisco, Texas to Roswell, NM he had bought this dress for me!  The fundraiser was canceled; however, we were married on the very day the event would have taken place!  Truly a gift from God, our Lord and Savior!  Our pastor informed me that the color brown means “Trust Me!”  Trust in Him I most certainly do, he brought the man of my dreams into my arms using a little smile from christianmingle.com!

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