“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” – Romans 8:28.  This scripture was my motto during the past couple of years.  Through God’s faithfulness, I was able to see His goodness come to fruition during this past year.  If you ever doubted the power of the Word of God, then let me tell you of a story that may just change your mind. 

After experiencing a rough year filled with setback after setback, it seemed as if I was moving in reverse.  Challenges kept arising and to my dismay, it was the Lord trying to get my attention.  You see, after a bad break-up, I took the “woe is me” route and lived my life outside of the will of the LORD.  Though shameful to admit it, at the time, I didn’t think anything of it.  I was so numb to my surroundings; it became somewhat natural to live like the world.   But, there was something deep inside of me tugging as a reminder to get back to who I knew I was — a Child of The King!  I hit rock bottom getting into financial trouble, and just simply turned into someone that I wasn’t.  I had to change!  Destiny was calling me. 


Prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin “The Daniel Fast” at the beginning of 2013, I was very excited for a change.  Though it was December and I was still living outside of God’s will, something inside me was excited for the fast.  I know what you’re thinking; who enjoys fasting for 21 days?  What you don’t realize is that when God has something to do with it, a joy has no choice but to spark up on the inside.  As I set my path to fast, I began to believe in the LORD for some things in my life. Therefore, I made my petition to Him in the area of three things: love, spiritual renewing, and financial independence.

As I began to fast, my flesh was constantly reminding me of my past and the previous year as a deterrent to not believe in the power of God.  I must admit, I had my doubts because I felt so unworthy of His goodness, but I still pressed forward. 

Meanwhile, there was another story developing about one hour north of where I lived.  In the great city of Raleigh, North Carolina a beautiful young lady had experienced some setbacks as well with her previous relationship.  In fact, it left her broken for some time.  The Lord supplied her with some godly friends who prompted her to try ChristianMingle.  This was indeed a first for the both of us, so you must understand our initial hesitation.   Prompted by the Holy Spirit, I also had a strong nudge to try ChristianMingle.  Of course, I ignored it and went about my business.  However, one thing about God is that He will definitely get your attention.  He poked at my spirit again and this time it came with a discount!  It was a weekend that offered membership at half off, and I was on board!  Right around that time, I was at a revival and a random stranger grabbed my hand and told me, “The spirit of the LORD has your perfect fit coming soon!”  The missing piece to my puzzle would soon be revealed. 

After a few conversations with other members on the site, it seemed as if I was just simply chatting online.  Sabrina was experiencing the same thing, but then came across my profile, and skipped it!  WOW!  Thankfully, God prompted her to return to my profile and she sent me a message.  I gladly accepted this beautiful woman’s invite to chat and we continued to message one another for a week.  Then I got bold!  I asked for her number, but she reminded me that all good things come to those who wait.  So, I simply gave her my number and told her to use it whenever she felt the urge.  I was surprised a couple days later when I received a text from a number with a Raleigh area code!  It was her!

After a week of conversing for several hours each day, we finally decided to meet one another in the beginning of February.  It happened so naturally.  We were talking on the phone and we both happened to be off that day, so I suggested that we meet.  It was a date! Our relationship took off from there and it has been quite the journey!  

One day as I was washing dishes, the LORD prompted me to take Sabrina to a botanical museum/ butterfly garden to propose.  I thought it was a wonderful idea since I call her “my butterfly” (at first it seemed like she wanted to fly but feared the results. I always assured her that with our Creator, we would soar together).  After two months of agony of keeping it a secret, the LORD graced me with enough courage to propose to my bride on July 6, 2013!  She happily accepted and we were married on September 25, 2013!  Praise the LORD for His goodness! His Word never returns void and all things do work for the good of those that love Him.  We pray every morning and evening before bed and that has been a key to keeping us as strong as we are.  It’s our foundation.  By keeping God the center in our relationship, He honored us with His goodness. 

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