Roxanne and I first contacted each other on ChristianMingle on July of last year. Roxanne’s daughter, Tami, had set her up on the site without her knowledge, but once she found out what her daughter was up to, she had every intention to cancel her account.

Just a few days before she cancelled her account, however, I saw that I was matched with her profile. This marked the beginning of a series of chats that left me feeling as if I finally met someone who truly understood me. We talked about various topics ranging from our faith to the role that God played in our lives, and we seemed to connect in so many other levels. After chatting for some time, we finally decided to meet in person at an ice cream shop. On that first date we felt like two awkward teenagers, but that awkwardness soon dwindled as we started opening up about our lives. At that moment we truly felt that God had brought us together for a reason.

We continued dating in the weeks to come, and Roxanne even attended my church with me! We had a chance to explore our faith together and found that our spiritual beliefs were very much aligned. We eventually met each other’s families and we are very much like the Brady Bunch- each of us has three children!

In March of 2012, I proposed to Roxanne at my eldest son’s birthday party by switching the birthday cake for a “proposal” cake. The cake included our ChristianMingle nicknames, followed by “will you marry me?” Roxanne was completely stunned, but to my utmost happiness she said yes! On July 28 of this year, we joined our lives in an intimate ceremony, amidst our family and closest friends.

Without ChristianMingle (and God’s divine timing and Tami’s efforts), we would never have met! Not a week goes by in which one of us doesn’t mention how amazing our journey has been! We feel truly blessed and are looking forward to what God has in store for us in the days to come.

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