Rhonda first “smiled” at me on July 19, 2012 on ChristianMingle. I was interested and we began to communicate via email, writing to one another many times over the first three days. We agreed to meet in person on Sunday, July 22 at her church in a city 87 kilometers from my home. She was scheduled to read scripture that morning and we arranged to meet in the parking lot. However, I was delayed leaving the service and when she couldn’t find me in the parking lot, she returned to the foyer, where I was. She didn’t see me at first so I walked up behind the 4’9” cute woman and tapped her on the shoulder. Once she turned around, we were both all smiles and away we went for lunch. Later, we broke another one of the “rules” and we went to her house and we talked until 11:30 PM. Our goodnight kiss was a little clumsy by my standards and I figured that was probably the last time that I would see her. Not so!

The drive to her house took about an hour and I did it almost every other day. There were a few nights that I didn’t leave until the wee hours of the morning which made it difficult to function the following day. A review of the phone bill showed us how many and how long the phones calls were the nights we didn’t get together.

We were talking about eloping within a couple of weeks. I contacted a website in Niagara Falls and made all the wedding plans by email. We were married outside in Niagara-On-the-Lake and stayed overnight following a horse and carriage ride and dinner! The following day we headed to my cottage prepared for a Canadian Thanksgiving weekend with a turkey and all the trimmings. Afterwards we were busy introducing each other to our friends and families and we booked a honeymoon to Mexico for 3 weeks this past November!

This is a marriage brought about by God through ChristianMingle. My profile about my faith and the faith of my 3 sons caught Rhonda’s attention and her photo, which first caught my interest, was a real reflection of her personality. Rhonda has been settling in to my house and my life in the community and in the church. Soon, we plan to facilitate a study group using relationship books we read while we were dating by several prominent Christian authors. We are encouraging other single adults of the Christian faith to consider ChristianMingle and emphasize a good photo with an accurate description of them in the profile.

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