We met on ChristianMingle; he sent me a “Smile” and I responded. Our first date was a long walk at the RiverPark in downtown Chattanooga. As we were walked back to the car, a storm blew in and we got rained on. This made for a very wet and soggy time at dinner. He was quiet and didn’t speak much, which wouldn’t normally be interesting for me, but when he did speak he got me with his southern drawl. 

On our second date, just two days later (and about 200 text messages later), we went hiking at Pocket Wilderness in Dayton, TN. This is where we had a run in with a rattle snake and where I face-planted in the ground when I tripped over a tree root. But, apparently a face-plant didn’t deter him!  It was at the end of that date that I knew that I was gonna marry him. 

Ty is a very sweet, tender man. I fell for his southern accent, blue eyes and, of course, his kind heart.  Ty said he just knew right away as well that I was “The One” for him.  He said it was my brown eyes, long dark brown hair and my humble spirit that caught him. The fact that I face planted and acted like it didn’t hurt was adorable too.

It’s only the Lord that can bring a city girl from New York all the way down to Chattanooga, TN to find her a country boy.  We are blessed to have found each other and are so thankful for ChristianMingle for uniting us.

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