Becky and I originally met back in middle school many years ago. We attended many of the same functions and considered each other friends.  She was this cute, bubbly girl and quite the social butterfly.  I was too wrapped up in my own little world to notice that she wanted more than just “friends.”

High school came and went.  I did my best to avoid spending time at high school, even to the point of enrolling in classes at my local community college.  However, Becky and I continued to see each other at many of the same school functions.

Becky and I both went our separate ways for college, and quickly fell out of contact with each other. After college, I got a job which has turned into my chosen career.  She traveled the country doing what she loved.  Years went by.

I turned to, mainly to meet new people.  I was not actively looking for life-long love, but if it came along I was ready.  About a month after I signed up, I stumbled across a familiar face among the new profiles.  It was Becky!

I invited her out for lunch so that we could catch up on the years we missed.  I’m a pretty dense guy when it comes to the ladies, and apparently I was sending some really mixed signals.  So, she finally asked me directly if I was flirting with her.  I didn’t know what to say!  After a very long pause of deep contemplation, I finally realized what she had known for years; that we were destined to be more than “just friends.”  She still teases me about it!

Thank-you ChristianMingle for being the catalyst to our accidental first date, which spawned a deep and long-lasting love.  I am excited to share that we’re getting married in 2014!

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