Take a few moments, click here and read Luke 7:36-50

Here is the picture of Jesus I think we see in this passage … and a much more realistic picture of who I believe Jesus really is …

1. Jesus was invited to attend the plans of the religious, instead of the religious joining Jesus in His plans! How often do we tell Jesus what we are going to do, and hope He will be part? Instead maybe we should ask what He is doing, and hope we can be part!

2. The Messy, Broken and Hurting are drawn to Jesus! Where there is hope, unconditional love and peace … messy, broken and hurting people will always gather. Let’s be sure we display these things so that more folks can discover life in Jesus!

3. Broken people are far more willing to worship and always more appreciative of the hope, peace and forgiveness they find in Jesus. Religious and prideful people are NOT! Too often those of us who have been following Jesus for a long time become complacent and take our hope, peace and forgiveness for granted. We need to keep a perspective of gratitude!

4. Religious people are worried about appearances, reputations and the messes of jacked up people … JESUS IS NOT! The best part about Jesus is that He is never worried what you look like, smell like, sound like or the reputation you carry. Jesus loves you right where you are, and He has invited you to join this journey with Him!

5. Religious people simply want to know Jesus is at their beckon call, and involved in their plans … But rarely celebrate His presence! Too often we expect Jesus to be part of our ideas and preferences … and when we are blessed enough that He is … we don’t celebrate that. SAD!

6. Jesus ignores the opinions of the religious in favor of the heart of worship that comes from broken and hurting people! Enough Said!!!

Are we a picture of Jesus … Our lives should be aligned and the same as Jesus’!


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