Most days I have more questions than I have answers.

I’m learning that leadership is not about having all the answers. It’s more about asking the right questions.

The trajectory of our leadership and the impact of our influence are contingent upon the type of questions we’re asking.

The types of questions you’re asking are indicative of whether your leadership is self-focused or others-focused.

The self-focused leader is asking things like:

Do I fit in?

Is everyone happy with me?

Why do I feel so alone?

Will I ever be a good leader?

The others-focused leader is asking:

What does my team need today?

Who needs to be encouraged?

What vision do they need to be reminded of?

What is great today and how can I praise the team for it?

I believe a healthy leader is an others-focused leader. They channel their energy on others. They don’t lose precious time or influence by fretting over their own needs and insecurities. They give generously to those they lead and aren’t worried about what they get in return or how accepted they feel.

The irony is that the healthy leader ultimately feels the acceptance that every leader actually desires.

What kinds of questions do you find yourself asking? Do they indicate self-focus or others-focus?

We’re going to drift in and out of self-focused questions from time to time. The awareness of this drift and the ability to recalibrate your questions is essential to help you maintain the perspective of a healthy leader.

What questions do you need to be asking today?

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