How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
Here is the story of two wounded souls who found happiness through ChristianMingle.

Dwight was lonely after losing the love of his live of 48 years to a debilitating disease. He prayed to God to bring him a good Christian woman to take out to dinner and activities and possibly develop a deeper relationship with.

I was also very lonely after losing my soulmate of 38 years suddenly. I would have never considered online dating without a double-dog dare. A friend I worked with, as a registered nurse, dared me to try ChristianMingle in order to possibly meet somebody to talk to with the potential of something more. I was not able to turn down a double-dog dare, so I gave ChristianMingle a try. My #1 requirement for whoever I met was that he love God more than he loved himself. My second requirement was that he couldn’t be a drinker, and third he could not be a womanizer.

Dwight was a full-time pastor who was retired from a civil engineering career. Dwight was looking for someone who had not been divorced, didn’t smoke or drink and went to church regularly.

After just a few days, I received a smile from Dwight with an invitation to tell him more about myself. We began texting and felt completely comfortable with each other. We progressed to talking on the phone, and after just a few days of talking on the phone with each other, Dwight asked if we could meet for dinner. I said yes and we had our first date. The evening was filled with fellowship and laughter, and we didn’t want it to end. We talked on the phone over the next several days until the wee hours in the morning. We met for a second date, then the third. On the fourth date, Dwight asked me to marry him!

Those two wayward lonely souls are now one! We are no longer lonely and fit perfectly together. Thanks ChristianMingle for helping bring these two souls together!

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!
It was love at first sight; we never wanted our first date to end. After talking by phone for hours, on our third date, he took me up to a quiet spot and asked me what being in love meant. I told him what I thought it was and he told me that he wanted me to know that he was in love with me.

What advice would you give other ChristianMingle members?
My advice to others is to enjoy the moment and not to give up. There is somebody out there for you.

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