Ken and I met on ChristianMingle on April, 2011. Both of our profiles listed that we were Christian, widowed and had horses. Those were three of the things we were looking for in a future spouse. When we “met” online, we emailed each other back and forth and then moved on to speaking on the phone. We seemed to get along so well that we decided to meet for the first time over lunch. When I realized we were two hours apart, I thought that would be the end of it. However, Ken said he did not mind driving! After that first date, various lunch dates followed within the next few months. We had hit it off so well that he began to talk about being willing to sell his house and move closer to me!

I also visited him in his hometown a few times. Surprisingly, I began to feel that I wouldn’t mind living in that area. We had developed such a strong connection in a very short amount of time that we were both certain we were meant for each other. In August, four months after we had met, he got down on one knee and proposed. And of course, I said yes! My family was surprised at how fast our relationship developed, but they could tell that I seemed happier than I had been in a long time.

Our relationship developed so fast, but we have felt God’s blessing every step of the way. In short, we met through ChristianMingle. Four months later, we were engaged. Four months later, we were married! We had a beautiful Christmas week wedding! From the move, from the blending of two households, from the planning of the wedding, and all the holidays-everything happened so smoothly that it was clear God’s hand had been at work from the very start.

Given how we lived two hours apart, there was no way that we would have found our soul mate, had it not been for ChristianMingle. We gladly tell others that ChristianMingle is the perfect way to meet someone. It certainly was for us!

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