Patti introduced herself to me on August 23, 2013. She was from Kansas.  She wrote that she had lived near me in the early 80s and loved California. I wrote back that if she was retired and loved California, she should move back. She wrote jokingly, “Why don’t you move me?” I jokingly replied that I would.

In the past several years, I was never interested in a long distance relationship. When other women would introduce themselves who lived out of town, I would thank them for their interest, but let them know that I was not interested in a long distance relationship as I knew that they had many challenges. However, I knew Patti was special and so attractive, so I decided to make an exception. She found me by looking for “blue” personalities. I was only one of six men with that personality type. It must be very accurate because we hit it off immediately, and believe we’ve found our soul mate. After a six week whirlwind romance by phone and email, we met face-to-face for the first time on October 7th. We are now happily engaged to be married in March or April. She’s very happy to be living in sunny Southern California, rather than Kansas during early winter!

Patti has a remarkable combination of beauty, brains, a kind heart, and a terrific personality. We both grew up in loving Christian homes and her folks are still living in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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