ChristianMingle has been an exciting and fulfilling experience for us.  Through the website, we were able to find many Christian singles and each of us communicated with several people, even meeting some of them face to face.  Throughout the process, we were each praying that God would lead us to His intended match for us.  Under God’s leading, we believe, we began e-mailing seriously August 31, 2012.  When we read each other’s profiles, it was obvious that our spiritual beliefs matched and this sparked an interest!   As we started communicating on ChristianMingle, we quickly found other areas of interest that we shared.  Soon we switched to our personal e-mails as we continued to get to know each other on a deeper level.

On October 2, 2012 we met face to face for the first time at a restaurant in a town about half way between our residences.  We talked non-stop for 6 hours and were still going strong when we parted!    After our first date, we visited our respective hometowns to get a closer look at each other’s worlds.  On one of our trips, we went to a national antique toy show where we would be thrown together (along with other people) for close to a week!  This opportunity helped us to see each other function in a fast-moving and sleep deprived situation.  Afterwards, we continued communicating on a more regular basis and fell in love! To this day, we communicate daily either in person or by telephone. 

On February 27, 2013, we got engaged! Our wedding date is set for June 29, 2013.   We believe our success through ChristianMingle began with prayer.  Also, each of us provided truthful and accurate information about ourselves in our profiles which played a very important part.  We posted current pictures on ChristianMingle, which was equally important.  Throughout the process, we asked a lot of questions about one another.  As our feelings grew for each other, we let each other know clearly how we felt. All of these steps were essential to ensure that our relationship was built on a solid foundation of trust. Thanks, ChristianMingle, for allowing us to meet!

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