As this year comes to a close, we’re reminded of the numerous blessings God has bestowed upon us, while many  around the world are scrambling each day just to find water, food, education and shelter. Through’s campaign, “Operation Appreciation,” we’re focusing on six Christian organizations that work tirelessly to physically and spiritually spread God’s provision to meet the needs of His children. Click here for for more information on Operation Appreciation and a complete listing of all six organizations covered over the past two weeks.

The sixth and last featured organization covered by Operation Appreciation is World Vision – advocating for voiceless and abused children throughout the world through a variety programs and sponsorship opportunities that spread God’s provisions, love and Word.

What World Vision Provides

World Vision’s outreach serves to protect children by working to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against children – including abuse, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation.

As an organization, they work to address the root causes of poverty and injustice in an integrated, holistic way. They are committed to promoting an environment in which vulnerable children, their families and communities are empowered to prevent abuse and exploitation, to protect children from immediate danger and to restore children with Christ’s love and message of hope.

With 44,000 staff members worldwide, World Vision brings sponsors and donors alongside children and communities in nearly 100 countries.

Lives Changed

You can make a difference in a child’s life. Take nine-year-old Marta Teresa.  She lives with her parents, two brothers and four sisters. Her parents struggle to provide for the family. Her father is a construction worker and despite his efforts to provide financially, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Marta Teresa is growing up in a poor rural community in the Central American country of Guatemala. In this area, the homes are made of bamboo canes with straw roofs. Families eat mainly homegrown food such as corn, vegetables, beans and sometimes milk and eggs. The local climate is moderate so the growing of flowers is a good income crop. Marta Teresa is not in school at this time. She likes to play with toy cars. She helps at home by running errands. She is in satisfactory health.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Marta Teresa and her community with greater access to nutritious food and improved health care and hygiene. Your support will also provide educational opportunities for children and rehabilitation programs for extremely poor families. Income-generating projects will be established to enhance the standard of living for the families, and with the Christian witness of World Vision staff, they will have the chance to know God’s grace and love.

Leaders at World Vision

The CEO of World Vision, Rich Sterns, has much to say in his blog about what motivates him to do what he does for World Vision.

“My very first trip to Africa, which I talk about in the prologue to A Hole in Our Gospel was when I was taken to ground zero for the AIDS pandemic, and I met children in these child-headed households who had lost both their parents to AIDS,” Sterns shares. “It wrecked me emotionally.”

He goes on to express how greatly such an experience changed his perspective … permanently

“I realized for the first time how insulated I had been from the real tragedy and pain in the world,” Sterns continues “I lived in a bubble, in a comfort zone that didn’t have room in it for children living without parents in Africa.”

The World Vision leader experienced a convicition that God wouldn’t allow him to ignore.

“I realized that I could not turn my back to those issues,” Sterns explains. “This was the world that Christ died for and if he was willing to die for it then I ought to be willing to do something to make a difference.”

Ways to Give

This organization has an incredible comprehensive list of choices to donate From purchasing gifts in someone’s name (starting at only $10), one can provide food, animals or shelter that will actively make a difference in someone’s life, both here in the U.S. and in other countries.

Whether sponsoring a child for as little as a dollar a day, or making monthly contributions, World Vision is considered to be one of the most ethical organizations out there that will directly funnel donations to the people and communities that need them most.

If you would like to talk to someone directly about ways you can help within your own budget, you can call 1-800-678-2168.

Consider bookmarking this main Operation Appreciation page, which has more information on our campaign.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our five other organizations listed in the article, including HOPE International, Wheels for the World – Joni and Friends, The Salvation Army, The Seed Company and Living Water. You can also find links to articles highlighting each Christian outreach.

From all of us at, may you experience the joys of giving and gratitude as we approach the New Year!

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