Talk about God’s perfect timing! When considering our future mates, it had to be someone that loved Jesus first and foremost! Being busy, working people, we both logged in to ChristianMingle out of curiosity (we wanted to see what it was about) and didn’t really plan to make a profile.

Within about a week of both of us joining, we found each other – or, rather, I found him. You see, he actually filtered me out of his field of potentials because of my height! I’m 6’ tall, and he capped height at 5’10”! (This is now a forever joke between us!) Thankfully, he was a 97% match to my specifications!

Besides being a Christian, I loved that he was tall (6’6” – I filtered to 6′ and above), wore aprons, liked Thai food and cooking and was interested in running. He said, upon seeing my profile that he thought, “This could be my future wife.” Well, he was right! From there, the rest is history!

We emailed, texted and talked on the phone and finally met in October 2013. We were married on Oct 1, 2015 and are now expecting our honeymoon baby in late June 2016! Thank you, ChristianMingle, for being the link to all of these blessings! We are so thrilled to see God’s plan for us!

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