My name is Melissa and I joined ChristianMingle on January 28, 2015. I’d never dated online, but I took a leap of faith. My profile name on ChristianMingle was sweetmelissa729. I’d created a profile on two other dating sites right before ChristianMingle, but I had bad feelings about those sites. As soon as I created each profile, I deleted them just as fast. I had an uneasy feeling with each of them that I can’t quite explain. Looking back, I know that it was God guiding me. A few days after I deleted those profiles, I decided that I had nothing to lose and I went on ChristianMingle. I created a profile and I never had a bad feeling about it.

I had activity on my profile pretty quickly, but I wasn’t quick to talk to any of the fellows. That was until Mark, ‘tvolfan,’ sent me a ‘Smile’… Mark had been single for a while and had been praying to God to send him a good girl that would be a good wife and mom to his young son. He was encouraged by a church member to set up a profile on ChristianMingle, so he did. Mark went on a couple of dates with girls he met on ChristianMingle, but he didn’t feel a spark with them (thank goodness).  He was about to delete his profile when he saw my profile. He ‘Smiled’ at me on Friday, January 30. I ‘Smiled’ back the next day. Mark emailed me on Sunday. We exchanged phone numbers and started talking on Monday and had our first date that Friday, February 6.

I’m excited to say seven months later, on August 8, 2015, we married. God brought us together and we give Him all the praise and glory! In each other, we truly found God’s match!

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