The Story of Thomas (Pastor1911) and Martina “Denise” (LikeATL):

As 2013 was coming to a close and the New Year was quickly approaching, the thought continued to ring loudly in my ear, “If you want something different, you are going to have to do something different.”

After 6 years of singleness and hoping that God would bless me with a second chance at being a wife and restore my former marriage, I finally got out of the way by no longer putting restrictions on how He had to bless me. Instead, I decided to open up my heart for God to bless and restore me however and with whomever He desired!

This was now my time to show God I was serious about moving forward.  This was my time to exercise my faith and give Him something to work with.  But wait… I was a full-time Nanny with three beautiful children who looked exactly like me, so the minivan I drove around all day with three kids under age of 6 pulling at my velour, sweat-suit pant leg didn’t quite scream, “I’M AVAILABLE!!!!”

I wanted to “step out on faith” and “get out of the boat” and meet someone, but what did I have in my hand for Him to use? Well… I had a computer, so I figured, “why not?” I don’t want to be here next year and…

“If you want something different, you are going to have to do something different.”

So I took advantage of a free trial offer, and I joined a Christian dating site. However, I noticed that it had a very small membership and also lacked diversity. This was pretty disappointing, and I became pretty discouraged all over again, because I was back at ground zero.

Then, while watching a YouTube hair tutorial video (SN: I’m a YT Natural Hair Vlogger: Blessedtress) I saw a commercial for ChristianMingle regarding Tracey & Thomas’ Success Story. It immediately grabbed my attention, and when she called HIM her ‘fairytale’ I literally wept. I so wanted that for my own life.

I quickly went to the site, saw the large membership, solid accounts, and diversity of prospects, and was so impressed with its presentation that I immediately joined that night on December 23rd!

Thomas (Pastor1911) was my first email.

“Hey I’m Thomas, you’re cute. What’s your name?”

I was hesitant at first, because I was afraid of him being in ministry and even dodged him for about a week. However, this Pastor from Indiana was persistent with his pleasant emails and instant message requests.  He even added me to his favorites. Finally, after about a week, I caved in and accepted an IM request. We had the best conversation and hit it off right away.

On December 29th we had our first phone conversation. We continued to talk on the phone, Skype, Play Online Chess, watch movies online, and just build a solid friendship. We finally met each other for the first time in March, here in North Carolina at a Joyce Meyer Convention. After that, we flew out to see each other once a month until this past weekend. For my birthday, he made a surprise trip to Charlotte and proposed!!! Our wedding, which we have been prayerfully preparing for since January, is scheduled for November 7, 2014!!!

Thank you so much ChristianMingle for being used to help find God’s match for me!

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